Sunday, February 7, 2010

Baabul (2006) - Amitabh Bachchan pushes for widow remarriage in this movie

Baabul released in the year 2006 and talks about the highly sensitive issue of widow remarriage. We are living in the twenty first century but in India, widows still lead a very hard life. The rural-urban divide in terms of the position of widow within mainstream society is only a difference in degree. The question of a widow remarrying and starting life afresh is considered to be blasphemous by many. Babul tackles this very controversial subject by focussing on all the obstacles

Talented artist Malvika Talwar ( Rani Mukherjee) meets handsome rich guy Avinash on a golf course. Following a short misunderstanding, the two fall in love with each other. They decide to get married. Avinash is completely doted upon by his parents, Balraj (Amitabh Bachchan) and Shobhna ( Hema Malini). Avinash’s parents willing acceps Malvika. Her parents too have no problem with the match. She has also the blessings of her best friend Rajat Verma (John Abraham) who secretly lover her but has never had the guts to confess his feelings.

Malvika and Avinash marry and soon become proud parents of baby boy. Things are going smoothly and Malvika is blissfully happy with her husband, son and her in-laws, who treat her like their own child. However life goes from bed of roses to bed of thorns as Avinash dies in a automobile accident. Malvika is totally shattered as are Avinash’s parents, Balrah and Shobhana. In spite of his grief, Balraj is sensitive to the desolation that he sees in his daughter-in-law’s eyes and is determined to remove it. He decides to get Malvika married to her childhood sweetheart Rajat. Initially Malvika is unwilling to start life anew but soon gives in. Shobhana too is not too happy with her husband’s decision as she is concerned whether after remarrying Malvika will let them have any access to her grandson or not. However soon she too come around. The climax sees an impassioned Balraj questioning society’s right to deny a widow the right to a life when the same right is not taken away from a widower. As he convinces his elder brother Balwant (Om Puri), who is against the notion of widow marriage, the humane impact of this act, he sends out a solemn plea to society to change its attitude towards women and particularly towards widows.

Babul is a sincere effort by Ravi Chopra to talk about a relatively taboo topic. He succeeds too up to a point of spreading awareness. Competent acting by one and all makes this film a wonderful watch. Aadesh Srivastav’s music is melodious and catchy. On the whole Babul is an honest attempt to talk about the burning question of widows and their plight.

List of songs (Video + Lyrics):

1. Keh Raha Hai Dil Deewana (link)

2. Har Manzar (link)

3. Gaa Re Maan (link)

4. Bebasi Dard Ka Alaam (link)

5. Baavari Piya Ki (link)

6. Come On Come On (link)

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