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Yaarana (1981) - Starring Amitabh Bachchan, Amjad Khan and Neetu Singh (Amjad Khan in a positive role)

Yaarana released in the year 1981 and is one of the rare films where Amjad Khan stars along side Amitabh Bachchan in a positive role. Nearly all his other films with Amitabh Bachchan had him playing the role of the villain. The film directed by Rakesh Kumar also stars Neetu Singh, Tanuja and Kader Khan. Its super duper hit songs remain popular till date.

The film begins at a time when the two protagonists are still in their teen years. Young Bishan Kumar (Amjad Khan) lives with his widowed mother and Kishan (Amitabh Bachchan) his best friend. Kishan is a simple village youth who has a god gifted voice for singing. The two friends are inseparable and love each other greatly. However soon they are separated as Bishan moves to Bombay with his uncle and his mother. However the friends swear to never forget each other. Bishan goes on to finish his education in foreign shores and returns home to run his father’s successful business.

Bishan returns to the village in search of Kishan, determined to bring him to the city and launch him as a singer. Initially reluctant, Kishan gives in to his friend’s request and comes to city. Here he meets Bishan’s wife Sheela (Tanuja) and son Munna. Bishan hands over Kishan to Bharatji (a leading musician of Bombay) to train his untrained voice and to Komal (Neetu Singh) he hands over the responsibility of turning him into a gentleman. Kishan is reluctant to let go of his simple village manners but once he realises the efforts of his friend and falls in love with Komal, he learns fast. Soon he becomes a major singing superstar.

Kishan then comes to know that Bishan had taken huge loans from the market in order to fund his training and shows. Bishan has now lost his fortune to his uncle and to his friend’s career. Unhappy with things, Sheela has left her husband. Munna is found in a mental institution unable to speak at all. And most shocking of all Bishan is found aboard a ship holding children hostage and demanding a huge ransom. Can Kishan bring back Munna’s voice? Why has Bishan resorted to crime? Who are the real guys? The climax of the film finds Kishan finding answers to all these questions and proving his worth as a ‘true’ friend.


Best Supporting Actor - 1982 - Filmfare Award - Amjad Khan


Directed by Rakesh Kumar
Produced by F.A. Nadiadwala
Written by Gyandev Agnihotri, Vijay Kaul, Kader Khan
Starring Amitabh Bachchan, Neetu Singh, Tanuja, Aruna Irani, Kader Khan, Ranjeet, Amjad Khan
Music by Rajesh Roshan
Lyrics Anjan
Cinematography Peter Pereira
Editing by Waman Bhonsle, Gurudutt Shirali

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