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Nishabd - An experiment based on Lolita starring Amitabh Bachchan (2007)

Nishabd the film directed by Ram Gopal Verma is his take on Nabokov’s famous novel Lolita. The subject matter of the novel is such (a middle aged man lusting after a twelve year old girl, it was paedophilic in its stance) that it raised eyebrows and caused a lot of controversy even in the progressive western societies. For Verma to take this idea and attempt to make a Hindi movie based on it is definitely a laudable effort. However he did do away with the paedophile angle as that would have been too much for commercial Hindi cinema. The rest of the older man-much younger woman story remains the same.

The film begins with a young called Ritu (Shraddha Arya) inviting her close friend Jia (Jiah Khan) to spend the holidays with her at her home in God’s own country, Kerala. Riut’s parents Vijay (Amitabh Bachchan) and Amrita (Revathu) have been married for twenty seven years and have a beautiful home in the midst of picturesque settings. They have a vast estate and Vijay is a photographer. Amrita, who was an accomplished Kuchipudi dancer, gave up her passion to look after the family. Into this idyllic set up enters Jia who comes from a broken family and lives with her mother in Brisbane. Jia comes across as a free spirit who is not too bothered by societal rules and norms.

One lazy day Vijay catches a glimpse of Jia playing with the water hose and that turns his world upside down. He feels himself inexplicably drawn to this young girl who is his daughter’s age. Jia too feels a pull towards a man old enough to be his father. Initially Vijay tries to fight off this unspoken attraction but soon he gives in and the two get close to each other. Ritu stumbles upon this illicit relation and tries to make Jia leave her house without her mother finding out the truth. But she fails. Around this time, Amrita’s brother Shridhar (Nassar) visits them. He also discovers the disturbing truth about Vijay and Jia. He questions his brother-in-law about the seriousness of the affair and find things are pretty serious. Soon Vijay confesses his love for Jia to Amrita, which leaves her shattered. However Vijay convinces Jia that he has no love for her because he realises that at the end of the day he is indeed too old for her. Jia leaves with Rishi, a close friend of hers, heartbroken. Ritu leaves for the US angry with her father and Amrita is determined never to forgive her husband. Having lost his love and his family, Vijay drives to a cliff to end his life. But does he? Watch the film to find out the answer.


Amitabh Bachchan as Vijay
Jiah Khan as Jia
Revathi as Amrita
Nassar as Shridhar
Aftab Shivdasani as Rishi

Directed by
Ram Gopal Verma

Produced by
Sheel Nimbalkar
Ram Gopal Varma

Original Music by
Vishal Bhardwaj
Amar Mohile

Cinematography by
Amit Roy

Film Editing by
Nipun Gupta
Amit Parmar

Art Direction by
Aparna Sud


Rozaana Jiye Rozaana Mare (link)


Rozaana Jiye
Singer: Amitabh Bachchan

rozaana jiye rozaana mare - 2
teri yaadon mein hum - 2
rozaana - 2

rozaana jiye rozaana mare
teri yaadon mein hum - 2

ungali teri thame huye har lamha chalta hoon mein - 2
tujhko liye ghar lautu, aur ghar se nikalta hoon mein
ek pal ko bhi jata nahi tere bin kahin
yun raat din
bas tujhmein hi - 2
lipta rehta hoon mein
rozaana - 4
rozaana jiye rozaana mare
teri yaadon mein hum
rozaana jale rozaana ghoole
teri yaadon mein hum - 2
rozaana - 4

har din teri ankhon se iss duniya ko takta hoon mein
tu jiss tarah rakhti thi ghar, vaise hi rakhta hoon mein
teri tarah sang sang chale yaadein teri
yun har ghadi baaaton mein bas, baaton mein teri
gumsa rehta hoon mein
rozaaana - 4

kuchh gaao to yaad aaate ho...
gungunao to yaad aate ho...
kuchh phehnu to yaad aate ho...
kahin jaanu to yaad aate ho...
kuchh khone pe yaad aate ho...
kuchh paanu to yaaad aate ho...

rozaana chale yaadon mein teri, zindagi ka safar
tujhse hai roshan, tujse hai zinda, (yeh dil ka sheher - 2)
rozaana - 8

Nishabd - An experiment based on Lolita starring Amitabh Bachchan (2007)

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