Thursday, November 29, 2007

Johnny Gaddar: A delightful movie

(It is so difficult to write about a thriller movie like Johnny Gaddar without giving the story away, so if you feel that you are losing your suspense of the story, stop reading)
If you liked the Saif Ali Khan and Urmila Matondkar movie 'Ek Hasina Thi', you would like Johnny Gadar. There is an element to this movie that makes it a great thriller, including the part about there being a lot of suspense for the characters in the movie while the viewer knows everything. There are no spectacular action scenes, or expensive stunts; it's all about putting in an element of suspense in the interactions. What seems important is to have a slick story line, although the second half does stretch the story line a bit. However, it was interesting to learn that Director Sriram Raghavan did not shoot with a bound script; apparently they just had the beginning, the middle part, and the end; the rest of the script was improvised.
The director is clearly inspired from James Hadley Chase (if you have read some of the novels of Chase, it will seem apparent). There are people of all shades, but rarely do you come across a true person or a person who is all white without any shades of grey in his character. This can't be more true than in this movie, given that all the characters have strong shades of grey in their character. Somehow, the movie seems more realistic, as you realize that this is what real people are like.
The casting is decent, with some good roles by the characters of Neil Mukesh, Vinay Pathak, Zakir Hussain, Ashwini Kaleskar. Rimi Sen does a good role of the wife of Shardul (Zakir Hussain) in love with Vikram (Neil Mukesh), but absolutely terrified of her husband and what he would do if he got to know.
The movie is about a gang of people who need to collect a lot of money to avail of a get rich quick scheme, and collect Rs. 2.5 crore. Vikram, the youngest of the lot, decides to use this opportunity to loot all the cash and steals the money from Daya Shetty in a train. He also kills Daya by accident, and thus starts the quest to keep ahead of the others (who don't know who stole the money, but suspect each other). Mukesh's first kill is by accident, but after this, he slowly kills the others one by them, and very few of them really suspect him, till almost the end when they get killed. But, in the end, as in Chase's novels, the killer or thief can't really get away, and he is killed (and that too by mistake by the widow of one of the persons he killed).
The movie remains fairly taut, and the tension is apparent as things move ahead. You know who did the killing, but still wait to see as to how he gets away from the various gang members who want to find out who did the killing and then kill the thief. A slightly weak point in the movie is the character of Dharmendra, you expect the leader of such a gang to be much more villainous and be more able to smell out who the killer actually is.
Music is by Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani, Loy Mendonca and Lyrics by Nilesh Mishra, Hardkaur, Jaideep Sahni



Move Your Body (Johnny Gaddaar)


Title Song:

[Choti si zindagi
Gehri si jeb hai
Bakki to jaaneman
baaton ke seb hai] 2

Baatein hai
Sab saali baatien hai
Kehte hai phir bhool jaaate hain

Hey johny
Zindagi juna hai khel yaar

Hey johny Gaddar
Matlab hi hai asli yaar

Hey Johny

Aayegi nahi phir yeh zindagi
ho mar mar ke jeena yaar
jam ke kahana pee na yaar
Bhar ke pyala pe na yaar
Mangega to mera hai
Chenega to tera hai ki nahi

Baatein hai
Sab saali baatien hai
Kehte hai phir bhool jaaate hain

Hey johny
Sab kuch hai yahan sale mein hey

Hey johny Gaddar
Sab chalta hai khel mein
Hey Johny

Chad ja tu bhi rail mein

Hey Johny

Bhar ki chus le
Jeb mein thus le
Ho baaton mein na ana tu
Apni karta ja na tu
Baaton mein na ana tu
Apna gana ga na tu

Jadu hai tere mein
Tere mein jadu hai ki nahi

Bhala kar to tera to tera bhal ho
Aisa kaam jo sala chala ho

hey johny
Thoda sa tu bhi khel yaar

Hey Gaddar
Jo aaye to pel yaar
Hey johny
Aaj nakad phir kar udhar

Move your body

Doob ja mere pyaar mein 4
o yeah 2
o yeah all da sexy gals
all da sexy boys
[Got ya move ur 2
Got ya move ur body tonite ]2
Like this...

Move ur body baby 2
Jab kudiye
Move ur body baby 2
u got to 2
soni baliye

[Got ya move ur 2
Got ya move ur body tonite ]2
Like this like this
n tht n this n tht

[Sab ek baat pe ade hai
Sab paise naal jude hai ]2
Abb paise fek tamaasaha dekh
Tamaasaha dekh Paise dekh
lyrics from
are kismat ka hai khel

Rock to da rythm n rock to ryhme 2
We gona watchin tonite

Life is a gamble boys
So u know dat ur bare
a play ur card rite
If u gona take a chance
Then u know tht u stand up vam time
This is just a game
So u gona keep on playing
Cos u know wht i m saying
and know u might win this tonite

Tel me ur handle game
kya hoga woh hai teri kismat
Tel me ur handle it
Lekin bazi khelega is waqt
U cud get rich or poor
Baby better really take it slow
or u really know
so here we go hit the show

Move ur body baby 2
Jab kudiye
Move ur body baby 2
u got to 2

[Abhi baap na bada na bhaiya
abhi sabse bada rupaiya]2
tu bhi paise fek tamaasaha dekh
Tamaasaha dekh Paise dekh
are kismat ka hai khel

Move ur body baby 2
Jab kudiye
Move ur body baby 2
u got to 2

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