Saturday, October 6, 2007

Song: Tere Bin Main Kuch Bhi Nahin

This is a song from the movie Naaraz (also spelled Naraaz or Naaraaz) that was directed by Mahesh Bhatt and released in 1994. The movie starred Atul Agnihotri, Mithun Chakraborty, Pooja Bhatt, Sonali Bendre and Gulshan Grover. This song was sung by Sonu Malik.
NARAAZ is about the story of two friends who are from opposite backgrounds. AJAY (Atul Agnihotri) is a son of a well to do family & DEVA (Mithun Chakraborty) is from a low caste poor family. Ajay's Jagdamba Uncle does not like their friendship & sends him to London. Ajay grows up in London & become a writer of a look titled "DEVAA". He returns to village Bharatpur to meet his childhood friend Deva. He is accompanied by a London born Indian Journalist Sonali (Sonali Bendre). He takes up the cause of providing drinking water for the villagers. In the process he clashes with his Jagdamba Uncle who is in politics who causes death to scores of village people as they want to use the temple water. When Deva takes up this issue, he is branded as a terrorist and cop are sent to arrest him. To escape from the police, he lands up in a ship which was leaving for Malaysia. In Kulalumpur he joins the gang of TAO-KI (Gulshan Grover) and meets SONIA (Pooja Bhatt). In saving Sonia from the TAO-KI he becomes a rival gangster and drug peddler. Ajay with Sonali finally arrives at Kulalumpur to take Deva back to his people. There is a dramatic confrontation between the two loving friends who are both angry with the society following opposite paths. In Kulalumpur Deva finishes the gang of TAO-KI and gets himself killed. But before he dies, with the help of Ajay & Sonali his dreams are fulfiled of bringing water in his village.


tere bin main kuchh bhi nahin mere bin tuu kuchh bhi nahin
tere saare aansuu mere meri saari khushiyaan teri
tere bin main kuchh bhi

tuu aasamaan main zamin tuu jahaan main bhi vahin
meri duniyaa vahaan tuu hi tuu tuu nahin to main bhi nahin
main chaaron dhaam kyon jaayuun mere tirth hain bas yahin
tere saare aansuu mere

do shahazaade raat akeli rah na jaaye baat adhuuri
mere bhaayi tuu mujhase kuchh kahanaa chaahataa hai
kah de naa yah adhuuri baat mujhe samajh mein nahin aati
koyi to badi baat hai bhaayi
apane chhote bhaayi se kyon chhupaataa hai

main dil huun dhadakan tuu hai kaise bhuuluun bachapan tuu hai
yah duniyaa hai zaalim badi badaa bholaa tuu maasuum hai
ek baajuu se hogaa uthaanaa mere bhaayi tujhe ye zamin
tere saare aansuu mere

Sambhala Hain Maine

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