Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Song: Do Lafzon Ki Kahani

A beautiful song from a hard core action movie; one of Amitabh's great masala movies. The movie was released in 1979, and stars Amitabh Bachchan (in a double role), Zeenat Aman, Neetu Singh, Prem Chopra, Madan Puri, Iftekhar, Utpal Dutt and Helen. The movie was directed by Shakti Samanta (who excelled in making action movies) and the movie composer was Rahul Dev Burman (RD Burman).
A movie that combined elements of adventure, spying, police, patriotism, and foreign locales, the Great Gambler is about Amitabh (Jai) who plays a skilled gambler, who claims to have never lost a game. He is recruited by Utpal Dutt to make money from rich people and maybe get them in debt and able to do favors. Through this method, one day he manages to hook a scientist who gets blackmailed into revealing the secret of a top secret military laser.
And then Inspector Vijay (Amitabh again) is sent to get the secrets back and get Jai. And then the confusion occurs since they look so much alike that everybody gets confused. And then both of them get sent to Rome and more confusion with Neetu Singh and Zeenat Aman getting confused.

Song: Do Lafzon Ki Kahani

Do Lafzon Ki Kahani


do labjon kee hai, dil kee kahaanee
yaa hain mohabbat yaa hain jawaanee

dil kee baato kaa, matalab naa poochho
kuchh aaur hum se, bas ab naa poochho
jis ke liye hain duniyaan diwaanee,
yaa hain mohabbat yaa hain jawaanee

ye kashtiwaalaa, kyaa gaa rahaa thaa
koee ise bhee, yaad aa rahaa thaa
kisse puraane, yaade puraanee
yaa hain mohabbat yaa hain jawaanee

is jindagee ke, din kitane kam hai
kitanee hain khushiyaa, aaur kitane gam hai
lag jaa gale se, rut hain suhaanee
yaa hain mohabbat yaa hain jawaanee

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carla said...

Nice song from a good solid timepass movie. I enjoyed the exotic locales, like "Rome" that was actually Amsterdam; this song was apparently really shot in Venice. My favorite scene in the movie is the two Amitabhs posing as sheikhs - really showing his talent for physical comedy. And Zeenat's "Rakhasa mera naam" is sizzling hot!