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Hero - The story of a criminal turned hero (1983)

Hero released in the year 1983, turned its male protagonist (Jackie Shroff) into an overnight star. Jackie had already made his debut (a rather unsuccessful one) in the film Swami Dada under the guidance of Dev Anand. But it needed maverick director Subhash Ghai’s Midas touch to catapult Shroff to the big league of fame and popularity.

In Hero, Ghai takes the time-tested track of star-struck lovers and makes a simple yet heart-warming story of a criminal turning over a new leaf under the influence of love. The movie’s main strength is its outstanding music courtesy Laxmikant-Pyarelal and Ghai’s sensitive handling of the love story. Of course the entire cast also does a commendable job. In the film Jaikishen, or Jackie Dada, as he is called in the film, is a criminal with a heart of gold. He has old scores to settle with the area’s Thakur and his son, a police officer. Pasha (the ever reliable Amrish Puri), a notorious criminal, has been imprisoned by the IG Police, Shrikanth Mathur (Shammi Kapoor). The evil Pasha swears to avenge himself and sends his favourite henchman, Jackie Dada to do this for him. The plan is to abduct Mathur's beloved daughter Radha (Meenakshi Sheshadri) and then bargain for Pasha’s release with the cops.

Jackie takes on the identity of a cop and under the pretext of saving Radha from the local goons abducts her. As fate would have it, the inevitable happens and the two opposites fall in love. Soon Radha comes to learn about Jackie’s true identity but instead of giving up on him, she chooses to repose her faith in this relationship. Determined to make an honest man out of Jackie, she convinces him to surrender o the cops. Jackie by this time is also convinced of his errant ways and is determined to do the right thing. He surrenders to the cops who imprison him for two years. Radha, finds a confidante in her brother Damodar (Sanjeev Kumar) and tells him all about her love for Jackie. In his bid to help Radha, Damodar asks his friend Johnny to pretend to be in love with Radha, thinking this would deter their father from getting her married off before Jaikishen is out of prison. Meanwhile, Jackie completes his term and starts working in a garage, in his bid to lead a life of honesty. But Shrikanth is not convinced of his honest intentions. In another twist, Damodar discovers that Johnny is a drug dealer. Around the same time, Pasha gets out of jail and kidnaps Radha to punish both Shrikanth and Jaikishen. Whether Jackie is able to save his true love and whether Shrikant finally accepts Jackie constitutes the climax of the film.

Songs and lyrics from the movie Hero:

1. Tu mera jaanu hai tu mera dilbar hai (link)

2. Pyar Karne Wale (link)

3. O Baby sing a song (link)

4. Nindiya se jagi bahar (link)

5. Lambi Judai (link)

Hero - starring Jackie Shroff and Meenakshi Seshadri (1983)

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