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Shaan - Starring Amitabh and Shashi Kapoor (released in 1980)

Shaan, released in the year 1980, almost four years after the blockbuster, Sholay. The common thread between these two films is the director, Ramesh Sippy. Great things were expected from the man who had given Indian cinema its mammoth blockbuster in the form of Sholay. Almost everybody who had seen Sholay was expecting a repeat performance.

DSP Shiv Kumar Sharma (Sunil Dutta) is an honest and diligent police officer who lives in Bombay (present day Mumbai) with his wife (Rakhi) and son. He also has two wayward brothers in Ravi (Sashi Kapoor) and Vijay (Amitabh Bachchan) who are petty crooks. The two of them spend most of their time indulging in schemes that are so wildly ridiculous that one feels that the whole purpose of these plots was not to make money but to have some fun. The two brothers meet their matches in a pair of women-the glamorous Parveen Babi and the somewhat gawky yet charming Bindiya Goswami- who are also good-hearted con artists.

The four crooks -- along with Bindiya's sneaky uncle -- form a team, sing some nice songs, and fall into a sweet double-dating sort of romance that perfectly compliments their thieving lifestyles. However the drama is introduced in the form of Shiv Kumar-the moralistic cop-cum-brother’s death at the hands of the film’s main villain, Shaakal(a very bald Kulbhushan Kharbanda). The brothers shocked by the sudden demise of their beloved brother, decide to shun all anti-social activities and also punish Shaakal. The villain smart enough to know that he has these two brothers braying for his blood employs Raakesh (Shatrughan Sinha) a sharp-shooter. He puts pressure on Rakesh by holding his wife hostage and believes he can force Rakesh to kill his enemies. The long drawn out climax sees the mother of all encounters that includes a tank full of crocodiles. In the end, good wins over evil and the wicked meet their just end.

By this time you must be wondering, but that is a perfectly sane “Bollywood” commercial story-line. And it is. Or rather it would have been, had Sippy not gone over board in his sub plots that take away from the main film rather than adding to it. The second weak link has to be Kulbhushan Kharbandda who even in his tonsured look fails to evoke enough menace or scare. But on the whole Shaan is definitely a worthwhile ‘time-pass’ film that has pleasant music and some wonderful acting by the inimitable duo of Amitabh Bachchan and Sashi Kapoor.


1981-Won-Filmfare Awards- Best Cinematography- S.M.Anwar

Videos of Songs:

Pyar karnewale

Jaanu Meri Jaan

Yamma Yamma

Lyrics from the movie:

Jaanu Meri Jaan

Jaanuun Meri Jaan, Main Tere Qurbaan
Are, Main Teraa Tuu Merii Jaane Saaraa Hindustaan

Nazaron Se Na Tol Mujhe, Dil Se Kaam Le
Tuu Jisakaa Vo Tere Bin Kyo.N Kisiikaa Naam Le
Jaanuun Merii Jaan ...

Chhotii Sii Ik Baat Bane, Baat Se Daastaan
Chhodake Sab Baate.N Ha.Nsate Hai.N, Vohii Pyaar Kii Shaan
Jaanuu Merii Jaan ...

Gusse Se Hai Pyaar Badaa, Pyaar Se Aitabaar
Jab Aa Jaae Aa Jaanaa, Main Karuungaa Intazaar
Jaanuu Merii Jaan ...

Jaanun Merii Jaan, Main Tere Qurbaan
Main Terii Tuu Meraa Jaane Saaraa Hindustaan

Pyaar Karnewaale

pyaar karanewaale, pyaar karate hain shaan se
jeete hain shaan se, marate hain shaan se

lete hain kisee kaa jo naam un ko hajaaro salaam
kabhee rukate nahee, kahee zukate nahee, chaahe kuchh bhee ho anjaam
yaar kee galee se gujarate hain shaan se

rastaa naheen aasaan denaa padataa hain imtihaan
ye hain dil kee lagee, ye naheen dillagee, aate hain kaee tufaann
wo doob ke fir ubharate hain shaan se

Yamma Yamma

(Yamma yamma, Yamma yamma, Yeh khubsurat sama,) ---2
(Bas aaj ki raat hai zindagi , Kal hum kahan tum kahan) ---2
(Kab kya hojae kisko khaber, aa nachle jhumkar)...
(Yeh zindagi ek lamba safar, pal bhar ke sab hum safar).........
(ek raat ke mehmaan sab yahan, kal hum kahan tum kahan).........
(Haste huwe aisii shaan se, deewane jal jaenge)....

(Are jalti shama se milke gale, Parwane jal jaenge)....
(Reh jayga yado ka diyaa, Kal hum kahan tum kahan)...
(Yamma yamma, Yamma yamma, Yeh khubsurat sama,).....
(Bas aaj ki raat hai zindagi , Kal hum kahan tum kahan)........

(Bas aaj ki raat hai zindagi , Kal hum kahan tum kahaaaaaaaaaaaaan)........

Shaan - Starring Amitabh and Shashi Kapoor (released in 1980)

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