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Kaminey (released in 2009) - Starring Shahid Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Amol Gupte

Kaminey was an interesting movie, released in the year 2009. Even the name was somewhat different from the existing names that are used for movies, and the script was even more interesting (and was actually bought from a Kenyan writer for 4000 dollars by Vishal Bhardwaj). When I walked into the movie hall, the movie seemed a bit slow in the beginning, but quickly gathered pace and became a must watch. The movie was directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, starred Shahid Kapoor in a double role, and also starred Priyanka Chopra in a role that she must have appreciated. The music for the movie was also given by Vishal Bhardwaj, and was well appreciated, especially for the hit song, called Dhan Te Nan, sung by Sukhwinder Singh, Vishal Dadlani. Lyrics for the movie were by Gulzar. The movie was nominated for a number of awards at the Filmfare awards, Apsara awards, and many others.

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The movie takes on the life of 2 identical twins, growing up as orphans in the city of Mumbai. The normal depiction of loving twins is very different, here these are 2 boys who cannot stand each other and stay away from each other. They both have some amount of speech problems, Charlie lisps in his speech, while Guddu stutters when under stress. They separated when they were young, because of the time when their father died; Guddu believes that Charlie did not get the money when their father needed it when they were young.
They are now leading separate lives, with Guddu working for an NGO in the area of AIDS, having an affair with Sweety (played by Priyanka); while Charlie works as a bookie at a horse racing arena, working for 3 Bengali brothers. He is a hard-nosed cynic, with money being the main motivator. He is very close the youngest of the 3 brothers, Mikhail (Chandan Roy Sanyal); it is with Charlie and Mikhail that the hit song Dhan Te Nan has been shot in a club. Trouble starts on 2 different fronts - Charlie goes after a jockey because of whom he loses all his money, even after being warned not to go after the jockey. In the same hotel, in a drug deal involving cops, 2 crooked cops kill 3 drug dealers and steal a guitar containing Rs. 10 crore worth of cocaine.
In the bedlam, Charlie steals the van containing the cocaine filled guitar and is over-joyed when he discovers that the guitar contains untold wealth. At around the same time, Sweetie tells Guddu that she is pregnant, something that is a shocker to Guddu, more so when Guddu gets to learn that Sweetie is actually the sister of prominent politician, Sunil Bhope. Bhope has the anti-outsider platform as his political vehicle, and is shocked when hears that his sister is getting married to a migrant from Uttar Pradesh. Bhope gets his men to disrupt the wedding and bring back Guddu and Sweety, but they manage to fight off and escape.
The rest of the movie is a swift series of events, with the guitar and the cocaine being the key ingredient, since everybody wants it. One brother is taken, being mistaken for the other. The whole movie explodes in an orgy of violence in the end, with the action taking place at Bhope's house, and all the people being involved in the fight.

Kaminey (released in 2009) - Starring Shahid Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Amol Gupte

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