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Bodyguard (released in 2011) - Starring Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor - A watchable movie

After the success of his previous movies such as Wanted, Ready, and Dabangg, Salman Khan is again a superstar of Indian cinema, capable of attracting huge crowds for his movies. So, when a movie of the name of Bodyguard comes, you would expect such a movie to have all the formula in place, such as lots of action, some good music, and some amount of romance and humour thrown in. To add to this, some of his recent movies have either been made by directors from South India, or is a remake of a South Indian film. The same situation is there in Bodyguard, where the movie is the third remake of a Malayam movie made by the same director, Siddique.
So, what is the judgment for the movie ? Well, the music is nothing to talk about, although the influence of South Indian cinema seems to be clearly apparent; even a Punjabi bases song sung by Mika did not really cause any excitement in the hall (as opposed to the whistling in the hall when Salman Khan made his entry). Even critics of the movie do not call the movie as anything to write about, although there is a lot of praise for the action done by Salman Khan (who is the total focus of attention in the movie).

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What about the movie ? Well, if you read on, then you will get to know the story of the movie after the first para, so be sure that you don't want to spoil your curiosity for the movie. In the hall, I found that 30 minutes into the movie, everybody became quiet, not because of any great suspense - it seemed that people felt that the movie started dragging on, and I started yawning (one of my best indicators that the movie started getting boring).
The movie has 3 very well directed action scenes (if you want some of the action scenes in Wanted, where the action suddenly seems to either become in slow motion or fast movement, then you know what to expect; in one scene, you can suddenly see even water droplets flying in the air). However, there are huge gaps in the movie where there are no action scenes, and since there are no easy apparently romantic scenes between Salman and Kareena, and the humour is not rib-ticking, it gets boring.
So, you have a big local man called Sartaj Singh (implied that he is a powerful man, but not whether he is the local bahubali or a respected man); he is also the local person to whom people in distress go to. So, a lady goes to Sartaj Singh and wants his help in saving her daughter and other local girls who are being sent to Thailand to be sold in the flesh trade. And when Sartaj Singh goes to a firm for help, they in turn direct the work to agent Lovely Singh (Salman Singh). Lovely is also very faithful to Sartaj since Sartaj had saved Salman's wife when Salman's parents suffered a tragic accident.
Next, Sartaj Singh wants Lovely to be the bodyguard for his daughter Divya (Kareena) who has to go to college, but is in danger because of the rivals of Sartaj. So, Salman goes off to college along with Divya (along with another friend, and 2 more people to help in their setting up of the house near the college). Divya cannot stand the constant presence of a bodyguard and seeks to change stuff such as the constant uniform that Lovely wears, and his being present everywhere. Towards this end, she seeks to entice him by calling him from her cell (the number of which does not get reported), and over a period of time, Lovely, even without meeting the girl, starts falling in love with her (something surprising).
Then the villains attack, which Lovely fends off, after which Divya falls in love with him. This can become unpleasant, since Salman treats her like his employer, and the daughter of a person whom he really respects; and this becomes crazy in the end when Divya is not able to let Lovely go, when the villains attack, and Divya's father is told that Lovely and Divya are planning to run away. However, in the end, Lovely saves Divya from villains, Divya saves Lovely from her father, and Salman goes away. And then, in the last 10 minutes, 8 years in the future, there is a twist.

Bodyguard (released in 2011) - Starring Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor - A watchable movie

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