Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gharonda (1977) - A wonderful but sad story

The quest to have a house of one's own is a very strong impulse, capable of stirring up strong emotions in any person. Gharonda is a movie on that concept, on the quest of a young couple to have a house of their own. I was very impressed with the movie, even though the movie can leave you down a path where you feel that life can go very negative, and where events can happen that leave you feel disillusioned with life.
The movie was released in 1977, and became popular as a movie with emotions, and some great music. The movie was directed and produced by Bhimsain, with some great lyrics by Gulzar and music by Jaidev. The movie starred Amol Palekar, Zarina Wahab, Shreeram Lagoo, and Jalal Agha.

Sudip (Amol Palekar) and Chaya (Zarina Wahab) are colleagues working in the same office in Mumbai. Like other middle class citizens, they drea, of owning a house in Mumbai. They are not yet married, but plan to get married when they have bought a house; and for which they paid all their lives savings. However, they are in for a shock when in a few months, the builder runs into difficulties, and all their money is lost.
At around this time, their boss and the owner of the firm, Shreeram Lagoo starts getting more interested in Chaya; and then the couple make an audacious plan. Lagoo is rich, alone, and a heart patient, and they figure that he will die soon after marriage, and then Chaya will be a rich widow. Chaya is not comfortable with this idea, but accepts it after persuasion.
Soon, Chaya settles in the life of a married woman, and wonders of wonders, Lagoo starts getting better. Sudip starts seeing his plan going awry, and then when Chaya scolds Sudip for visiting often, he gets puzzled. The decision point finally occurs in the end when Modi (Shreeram Lagoo) gets a heart attack, and Chaya nurses him back to health; Sudip realizes that she is gone from his life forever, and leaves.

Songs and lyrics from the movie Gharonda:

1. Ek Akela Is Shahar Mein – Gharonda (1977) (link to song and lyrics)

2. Do Diwaane Shahar Mein – Gharonda (1977) (link to song and lyrics)

3. Tumhe Ho Na Ho Mujhe Itna Yakeen Hain – Gharonda (1977) (link to song and lyrics)

Photo image of Hindi Movie Gharonda (1977) starring Amol Palekar and Zarina Wahab

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