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Kishen Kanhaiya (1990): Masala movie

A typical masala movie of the 90's, the movie was pretty successful. It had all the elements of a masala movie, something that would make it a full family entertainer, as well as a movie to wow the front-benchers. There was intrigue, deceit, romance, action, good songs, skin display, a leading hero in a double role, the top diva of that time (Madhuri Dixit), as well as the happy ending where all the bad people meet their just ends. The movie was made by Rakesh Roshan, with music by Rajesh Roshan and lyrics by Indeevar.
The movie is of the village rich man (Shreeram Lagoo) who gets twins, but one of them is stolen and he does not even know about this; what gives him a lot of grief at that time is that his loving wife dies in child-birth. Typically for a rich man, he soon falls in the trap of getting a new wife who will also take care of the infant like a real mother; unforunately what he ends up with is the evil (in the beginning, loving) Bindu along with her real evil brother Amrish Puri. She has (from another person) a son Mahesh (Dalip Tahil), and soon starts to show her true self when both she and her brother cause Dr. Sreeram Lagoo to be really sick.
This is when they realize that her husband has made his will in a way that all the money will go to the first son's wife's control when the son turns 25. They realize that they need to keep the father and son alive, but in control, and as a result, the son, Anil Kapoor is always kept subjugated, beaten up and weak. He grows up in fear of his step-brother, uncle and mother and is beaten up at the slightest provocation. On the other hand, the stolen brother, the other Anil Kapoor grows up in the city as a fearless movie black-marketeer, unafraid of anybody. He soon meets up with Madhuri Dixit, and they both fall in love. But, since this is a double role movie of brothers, it is inevitable that they will soon meet, and one of the things that will help them do this is a connection between them - they can feel each other and if one of them is pushed or hurt, then the other feels this.
Anil Kapoor falls in love with a local girl played by the young Shilpa Shirodkar, who is mesmerized by his flute playing (incidentally, Shlipa also gives a waterfall drenched sari shot in this movie, something that was controversial). This relationship is accepted by his uncle and mother since they believe that his girl is a docile village girl and will do as they wish, and this seems to be the case. The next movement in this movie happens when the two Anil Kapoors get switched, and the people on both sides are astounded. The family in the village, facing a docile Kishen for all his life, suddenly meet an aggressive Kanhaiya who turns the tables and forces his tormentors to instead submit to him. On the other side, Madhuri Dixit in the town cannot understand this Kishen whom she meets and wonders what happened to her boyfriend ?
Things move to a complex, when in the village, they realize that a switch has happened and are able to get hold of the original and want to quickly get all the property in their name. But, in a fight, eventually, both the brothers are re-united, and defeat all the evil doers, get re-united with their loved one, and the movie ends on a happy note.

Videos of songs from the movie:

O Meri Jaan

Kuch Ho Gaya

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