Thursday, February 7, 2008

Devotional Songs: Allah tero naam (Hum Dono (1961))

This is one of the all-time great devotional songs. The song is from a movie called Hum Dono, released in 1961. The movie is about a double role, and the confusion stemming from the conflict that gets caused when a war hero does not return home, and his lookalike is sent to break the news to his family. The movie was a hit, and had some lovely music. The movie was made under the Navketan banner, produced by Dev Anand and directed by Amarjeet. Lyrics were by Sahir Ludhianvi and music was by Jaidev. The movie starred, in addition to Dev Anand, Nanda, Sadhana, Lalita Pawar, Gajanan Jagirdar and Leela Chitnis.
The movie has a young Captain Anand (Dev Anand) happy with his love Mita (Sadhna), singing love songs and being a great young couple in love. At this time, the war finally breaks out, and Captain Anand has to report to duty. In the army, he finds a lookalike in a senior position, Major Verma. The Major has a stiff moustache, and is fairly grouchy. After some initial hiccups, the Captain and the Major become friends, and soon learn a lot about each other's lives.
Tragedy happens when the Major disappears in battle, and is presumed to be dead. Captain Anand is dispatched to break the news, but is totally unprepared for the situation he finds himself in. The Major's mother and sick wife Ruma (Nanda) think him to be the major. And the wife is in such a bad state that the Captain is unable to reveal the truth since he thinks she may not be able to take the shock. So he is forced to live in the household, causing complications. His girlfriend Mita starts becoming distant with him, and then Ruma sees her husband meeting a strange woman. And then finally the Major returns (crippled), and is shocked to see the Captain as having taken his place.Eventually things get resolved.

Video of songs:

Allah Tero Naam (Lata Mangeshkar)

Dukh Aur Sukh Ke Raaste (Asha Bhonsle)

Abhi na jaoo Chodke (Asha Bhonsle & Mohammed Rafi)

Main Zindagi Ka Saath (Mohammad Rafi)


Allah Tero Naam Ishwar Tero Naam

Allaa Tero Naam Eeshwar Tero Naam
sab Ko Sanmatee De Bhagawaan

maangon Kaa Sendoor Naa Chhoote
maan Bahanon Kee Aans Naa Toote
deh Binaa Bhatake Naa Paran

o Saare Jag Ke Rakhawaale
nirbal Ko Bal Denewaale
balawaanon Ko De De Dynaaan

Dukh aur Sukh ke raaste

dukh aaur sukh ke raaste, bane hain sab ke waasate
jo gam se haar jaaoge, to kis tarah nibhaaoge
khushee mile humei ke gam jo hogaa baant lenge hum
muze tum aajamao to, jaraa najar milaao to
ye jism do sahee magar, dilon mein faasalaa nahee

jahaan mein ayesaa kaun hai, ke jis ko gam milaa nahee

tumhaare pyaar kee kasam tumhaaraa gam hain meraa gam
n yoo buze buze raho, jo dil kee baat hain kaho
jo muz se bhee chhupaaoge, to fir kise bataaoge
mai koee gair to nahee, dilaaoo kis tarah yakeen
ke tum se main judaa nahee, muz se tum judaa nahee

abhee naa jaao chhodakar, ke dil abhee bharaa nahee

abhee abhee to aayee ho, bahaar ban ke chhaayee ho
hawaa jaraa mahak to le, najar jaraa bahak to le
ye shaam dhal to le jaraa, ye dil sanbhal to le jaraa
mai thodee der jee to loo, nashe ke ghoont pee to loo
abhee to kuchh kahaa nahee, abhee to kuchh sunaa naheen ..

sitaare zilameelaa uthhe, charaag zagamagaa uthhe
bas ab naa muz ko tokanaa, n badh ke raah rokanaa
agar main ruk gayee abhee, to jaa n paaoongee kabhee
yahee kahoge tum sadaa, ke dil abhee naheen bharaa
jo khatm ho kisee jagah, ye ayesaa silasilaa naheen ..

adhuree aans chhod ke, adhuree pyaas chhod ke
jo roj yoon hee jaaogee, to kis tarah nibhaaogee
ke jindagee kee raah me, jawaan dilon kee chaah me
kaee makaam aayenge, jo hum ko aajamaayenge
buraa naa maano baat kaa, ye pyaar hain gilaa nahee
yahee kahoge tum sadaa, ke dil abhee bharaa nahee

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memsaab said...

The other bhajan from this film "Prabhu Tero Naam" is also beautiful :-) but "Allah Tero Naam" is my favorite bhajan of all time...