Saturday, September 1, 2007

Maine Pyaar Kiya: A super-hit that launched Salman

This was the movie of 1989, and many have called it the movie of the 80's. It was definitely the movie that launched Salman's super-hit career, and if the female lead, Bhagyashree had not got married right away, she would have also had a glorious career in the film industry. There is hard to find anything wrong with this movie, it is a typical masala movie that had all the elements of romance, relationships, betrayal, song and dance, etc.
The movie starts with the close relationship between 2 friends (Alok Nath and Rajeev Verma) who have drifted apart. Alok Nath is a poor hard-working engineer, while Rajeev is now a successful businessman who is floating in money and conscious of his status. While he still recognizes Alok Nath as a friend, there are many distances now between this which Alok Nath does not as yet feel.
Rajeev's only child is Salman Khan (Prem), and Rajeev Verma's friend Ranjeet (Ajit Vachani) has designs on Prem for his daughter. Prem is more a simple kind of person, although he has one hobby of racing, and really likes to race with his father. Prem's mother is a kind and considerate Reema Lagoo. At this time, Alok Nath needs to go abroad and is wondering about where his daughter (Bhagyashree) will stay. He remembers Rajeev and drops her there.
Initially, Bhagyashree is uncomfortable, but Prem and his friend Manohar (the late Laxmikant Berde) do their best to make her feel comfortable (including a cap with the word Friend that became a craze when the movie was released), and she and Prem move closer, not recognizing any love between them.
And then one of the turning points of the movie, where they go for a party where Mohnish Behl is there. There Bhagyashree is taunted about no such thing as a friendship between an adult male and female, and this makes her uncomfortable. Prem realizes that he is in love with her and sets out to win her heart, and does so, to the accompaniment of many beautiful melodious songs (although the tunes of many of them were copied).
But, Ranjeet sets Rajeev against Suman and Rajeev is certainly not approving of Prem marrying a poor girl such as Suman. He is about to turn her out of the house when Alok Nath arrives, and the break between them is complete. Alok Nath is very bitter about this and reacts strongly when Prem appears to claim Bhagyashree. He taunts Prem about earning on his own, and causes Prem to start hard work to prove himself. And from this point on, the story proceeds with a happy ending where Prem and Suman are united and so are their father.
The movie also created a major reputation for Sooraj Barjatya, the silent Barjatya younger generation who went onto to make another mega-hit called Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, and raise the banner of Rajshri Films back up. The movie also had incredible music by Ram Laxman.

The famous antakshari sequence:

Dil Deewana

Tu Ladki Hain

Mere Rang Mein (direct life from the music of ’The Final Countdown' by Europe)

Aaja Shaam Hone Aaye

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