Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Delightful Movie: Jhankaar Beats

This movie was incredible. A movie seemingly made specifically for the urban audience, it seemed to have hit its target bang-on. The theme, the language used in the movie (with lots of English thrown in), the pressure of relationships, and the somewhat distant and formal relationship between a father and his son, all of these are items that would appeal to the urban / metro audience.
I normally watch the movie when it appears on TV and have done so for quite a while, and I really enjoy it. Given that I really appreciate the music by R.D.Burman, watching a movie that dedicates itself to his memory was a good effect (although the cynical me says that this was just part of the storyline and no special affection to R.D.Burman). So, songs from old were a good thought. The movie was one of the first movie from Pritish Nandy communications, and I would think that they did good.

Jhankaar Beats

The movie did not have many big stars, having Juhi Chawla (but after she had sort of moved away from bigger roles and into more quality roles after her family started), Sanjay Suri, the metro-sexual Rahul Bose, Rinke Khanna, the much-criticized witness in the Jessica Lal case Shyan Munshi, Riya Sen, and Vijayendra Ghatge. Juhi Chawla and Sanjay Suri are a couple with a school-going daughter and another kid on the way; Rahul Bose and Rinke Khanna are a couple on the verge of splitting enough though it seems that they do care for each other; and Shyan Munshi and Riya Sen are a wannabe couple (although Riya Sen does not know it as yet).
Sanjay Suri and Rahul Bose are working with a ad agency and have a regular delighful banter going on. They are also heavily devoted towards practising for and winning a local musical contest called Jhankar Beats that they have been trying for 2 years now and missing. Their wives understand their obsession but do not fully share it.
In the midst of all this, their boss gives them a new campaign, they have to design a new campaign for a client wanting to introduce a new condom in the market. He also pushes his son Neel (Shyan Munshi) into working with them, although just because he is the son does not mean that he gets any special flavors. Neel is also a wannabe musician whom they accept as part of their group.
And then the movie moves on from there, with Neel trying to win over Riya Sen (and succeeding without too much effort), Rahul Bose trying to resolve his relationship with Rinke Khanna (and we never really get to know the reason behind why they are separated, but primarily seems a question of egos), and the whole set meandering towards trying to win the ad contract (and keep their jobs). The movie does get a bit serious towards the end, but overall is a very nice movie.


Tu Ashiqi Hain

Dil Ne Tum Ko

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