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Wanted (released in 2009) - A typical Masala movie starring Salman Khan

Wanted is one of the biggest hit movies of the year 2009, and was a typical masala movie. The movie went down the total police vs. big don route, with action, a love story, music, everything that goes to make a huge movie. And the movie did well in the intended area, with the single movie screens (typical of smaller towns) doing much better than the performance of the movie in multiplexes. The movie is a remake of a Tamil movie, Pokkiri, and is directed by the same director who did the Tamil movie, the famous dancer Prabhu Deva.
The movie starred primarily Salman Khan, since the other actors were lesser known or not the current hot shot favorites; so the movie starred as others, Ayesha Takia, Prakash Raj, Mahesh Manjrekar, Govind Namdeo, Vinod Khanna and Aseem Merchant.

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The movie deals with the Police Department's attempts to catch an international Don Ghani Bhai who lives outside India, and runs his business in India through his local man, Golden. They are in conflict with another local gangster Datta Pawle. Golden wants to beef up his local support, and hires a local freestyle gunman, Radhe (played by Salman Khan). Radhe is a typical freestyle person, brash and confident, and wants his money from whoever he is working for. Then there is the local crooked cop, Inspector Talpade (Mahesh Manjrekar), who is connected to Golden and then to Ghani Bhai, and who takes a liking to Jhanvi (played by Ayesha Takia, who lives with her mother and younger brother). Once, after Radhe saves Jhanvi from the Inspector, she starts liking him, but does not know what he does for a living. She slowly gets to know, and then when she sees an attack on him, and his brutal fight back where he dispatches the men after him, she sees how we easily kills other people. Vinod Khanna plays the role of a gym owner, who is the father to a friend of Radhe's.
Golden gets killed, and then Ghani Bhai has to come back to Bombay to take over the operations, and is caught soon after. His men kidnap the Police Commissioner's daughter and make porn CD's of her to force the freedom of Ghani Bhai, but she reveals that there is a police man in the gang. Ghani Bhai attempts to find out, and comes to Vinod Khanna, since it is his son who is the police man (and learns that the policeman killed Golden so as to get him back to India). And when he kills Vinod Khanna, he gets to know that Radhe is the actual police man. A final battle, and you know who will be the winner.

Wanted (released in 2009) - A typical Masala movie starring Salman Khan

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