Sunday, August 5, 2007

Golmaal: The Ajay Devgun one

This movie was a laugh riot for me, seriously; every time it re-runs on TV and I see it, I atleast manage to catch some scenes at least. These are a group of actors that take modern comedy, with accidents, attempted killings, breaking into a house, and so on, and turn it into a very funny movie. Of course, not everyone shares my opinion, I was speaking to a colleague and he was horrified that I liked it; he could not stand it and somehow his opinion of me must have also fallen. The movie does not star a very large cast, starring primarily Ajay Devgan, Arshad Warsi, Rimi Sen, Sharman Joshi, Tusshar Kapoor, Paresh Rawal, Susmita Mukherjee, Mukesh Tiwari, Sanjay Mishra, Manoj Joshi, Vrajesh Hirjee, etc. The movie was made in 2006, directed by Rohit Shetty and music by Vishaal Shekhar; trendy music but nothing that remained hummable some time after the movie. It was also a big hit.
So, what's the movie all about ? It is about these 4 friends, not classic friends in the manner of persons sacrificing everything for each other, they do live for themselves, but are still great friends. Gopal (Ajay Devgun) is the eldest of the lot. When Sharman Joshi is in college, the other 3 are already out of college, a pain for the principal since they are regular conmen on a small scale and a nuisance for him. At one point, the principal warns Sharman to stay away from these people, but later when he finds that Sharman is involved in their schemes, he kicks him out from the college as well.
They have taken money from a local goonda called Vasuli Bhai, and are running from him as he tries to recover his money. While running, they stumble into a house (big mansion) belonging to Paresh Rawal and Sushmita, both of whom are blind. The couple have a son in the US, and are waiting for their grandson, Sameer to show up sometime. These 4 like the idea of living in the house, and plan to enter. Their plans get speeded up by accident, and they land up in a situation where they introduce themselves as Sameer (body of Sharman and voice of Ajay Devgun). As can be thought, such a person with the body of one and voice by another can be pretty interesting and comical, and it is. Another thing that is great fun is the way that Sharman is the one who keeps on translating whatever Tusshar says through his hand movements.
They start to settle in, and soon realize that Rimi Sen is living in the neighborhood. All of them are attracted to her, and would like her to be his, and not his friends. One day, they seen a pretend rape scene (acting) and jump in. Comedy here as well, since they need something to break the window, and so they throw Sharman through the window. Eventually, they rescue her to realize that it was a pretend. However, this way they get introduced to her, except for Tusshar who is dumb and cannot speak.
Later, Ajay introduces the others as his servants, cheesing them off. After this, there is a series of adventures whereby Arshad and Sharman try to impress Rimi and do so, except for Ajay who keeps on revealing their wrong-doings and moves off with Rimi (on his machine, a 4 seater bike). In both cases, first Arshad and then Sharman get provoked by the others to finish off Ajay for what he has done to them, and they try; but in each case, the attempt is borne by a guy sent by the mob boss (Sanjay Mishra).
In between, a servant Paandu, actually sent by the boss comes in the house. They initially threaten him to keep quiet, and then once he beats them up, they retaliate and kick him out. There is a classic scene that sort of pays tribute to the movie Black, when 2 of these guys talk about the movie and play the blind old man and lady.
In the end, it is revealed that the son and grandson of Paresh both were dead, and Paresh knew about all this, but still let them live there (he had realized that there were 4 of them). The mob boss (named Babli) is after the house because he had put some diamonds in the ashes that Paresh was carrying. Things turn out well in the end, and Rimi also selects Tusshar, since she wanted a guy who would listen to her and not speak too much :-).

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