Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Main, Meri Patni Aur Woh: A nice sweet movie

Sometimes, when you watch a movie, you realize the sheer simplicity in the script, the way the movie made, and that makes you appreciate the movie even more. If you remember a series of movies such as Choti Si Baat, Golmaal, etc, these were very likable movies. They did not have the super-stars, they did not have the record settings budgets, or the beautiful locations, but you would not really miss all that.
Instead you end up watching human emotions at play, at a place that could be next to somewhere you have stayed before or are currently staying, and happening to someone you know. This movie attempts to touch you in that way, and mostly succeeds. Our lives have become faster and this also translated into watching movies that are more fast paced, but at times, things can slow down and you can relax and watch such a movie.
Main Meri Patni Aur Woh
This is essentially a movie of 2 characters, Mithilesh (Rajpal Yadav), a librarian living in Lucknow and his relationship with his wife, who is taller, beautiful and apparently more suitable to somebody much better than him. This creates a series of insecurities in him, and the movie is all about that.
Main characters are Rajpal Yadav, Rituparna Sengupta, Kay Kay Menon. Mithilesh is on the lookout for a girl, and he ends up meeting Veena (Rituparna), who is taller than him, beautiful and charming. He gets interested in her, but it would seem that she is meant for somebody better than him. However, Veena agrees to the marriage and makes Mithilesh surprised and very happy.
However, the height thing is a great creator of insecurity, and combined with the obvious beauty of Veena, Mithilesh thinks about each and every compliment paid to Veena, and about every male that she comes into contact with. But she is happy with him, and just when he is starting to get comfortable, in comes Kay Kay Menon as the college colleague of Veena. Now Kay is a confident, taller and more apparently attractive person.
Veena is comfortable in the company of Kay Kay Menon, and they are old friends; somehow Mithilesh is not able to feel quote some comfortable in their company, he does not share their old memories, and his insecurities start to make their way back. He tries to be more like Akash (Kay Kay), even copying his drinking and smoking habit, but he cannot increase his height.
In the depth of these insecurities, he decides that Veena will be better with Akash rather than with him, after all she is much more suited to a person much better like Akash rather than Mithilesh. Veena has not done anything to give him such an impression, but even then..
He has not asked Veena as to what she feels like, so when he tells her about all this, she is shocked and goes back to her parents. He realizes as to what he has done, and in a touching scene (set in a normal surrounding), he goes to get her back. Superb bit of acting.
The movie overall is enjoyable, slightly drags in the second half, but overall I liked it. It is nice to watch a movie with a difference, about normal people facing normal issues and the play on human emotions is nice to watch. One wishes for more movies like these; the advantage could be that the movie would be so low budget that even if it turns out to be a sleeper hit, it should enthuse the producer and director to do more of these.

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