Saturday, July 28, 2007

Partner: the comedy is okay

If you like subtle humour or more refined humor, then maybe this movie is not for you. The humor is loud, throughout the movie. In addition, if you looking for a fully cogent storyline, then again, maybe this is not the movie for you. But, I liked sections of the movie incredibly. I did not regret the trip to the movie hall to see the movie, although I would not go again. I would not mind seeing the movie again when it comes on TV in a couple of months / weeks.
First of all, this is not an original movie, but is copied from a Will Smith starring English movie, Hitch. Secondly, the movie does not have too much of a story line, but has lots of skin show, including a large amount from Salman Khan. People who like his bare chested display will enjoy the movie. Then, there are some beautiful locations that are displayed in some of the movies.
The songs of the movie are great, you can catch these songs on Youtube (You're my Love, Soni De Nakhre, Maria Maria, Partner, Dupatta Tera).
Now about the story: There are essentially 4 main characters of the movie, with Salman Khan playing the role of Prem, a person who has lived in a family with 7 sisters, and hence he knows the psychology of girls inside out. He uses this knowledge to help boys get closer to girls whom they love by essaying the role of a 'loveguru', and he does this in a way that he will only support those who are doing this out of love, not lust. Govinda plays the role of a simple buffoon like character named Bhaskar, madly in love with the super-rich and attractive Priya, the heiress to a 1000 crore empire. He comes to the loveguru (Salman) for help, but when Salman gets to know about his quest, he laughs him off. And seems quite right, after all, how will a simple salary earning man get a sexy, rich heiress to even meet him, forget fall in love with him ?
Anyhow, Govinda keeps on pursuing him to give him advice, including following him to Phuket, where Salman has gone for a holiday along with his sister and her kids. He keeps on pestering Salman, and eventually, after an adventure of Salman with a missile, and then an accident of Govinda's bus, Salman agrees to help him.
So, now they are back in India and Salman advices him, while at the same time moaning over how uncouth and backward Govinda actually is. So, it starts with Govinda attending a meeting where Katrina is looking for financial advice. Adviced to make an outstanding entry, Govinda does so in the meeting, criticizing all his seniors, throwing some strong advice to Katrina, and actually getting fired on the spot. However, as predicted by Salman, Katrina appreciates his strong non Yes Ma'am attitude and asks him out to dinner. Govinda, over the next 1-2 days before the dinner, is shown many times quivering like a leaf when Katrina speaks to him, at one time falling off the roof and onto a passing truck.
He takes some advice from Salman, and also uses his own basic instinct and keeps on vowing Katrina. At the same time, there is another story ongoing in terms of Lara Dutta. She is a photographer and journalist for a Mumbai masala newspaper, and trying to take photographs of the Chota Don, Rajpal Yadav. He finds out and chases her, and Salman rescues her by mistake. He does that once again and is smitten by her. Then he discovers that she has a son (Ali Haji), and is a single mom, and yet he stays on (something new for Bollywood where the concept of a single mom and the hero being unfazed by the fact is an interesting twist). She is hesitant about Salman but leaves the decision to her son accepting Salman. The kid plays a nice role, and accepts Salman, in fact saving Salman once when Lara questions Salman's dedication about caring for her and her kid.
Both these stories converge when Katrina's dad rejects Govinda and takes her elsewhere for her marriage to somebody else. All the characters reach to the place, and eventually, in a very shallow and non-believable scheme, persuade the father to marry his super-rich daughter to a guy who does not have more than a few thousands to his name.
But this is not the end, as Lara believes that her friend has been duped by a guy who took advice from the love guru Salman, and when she discovers that Salman is the one, she acts like a lady scorned. She gets the whole thing published, including putting Salman and Govinda on the front page and highlighting about how they used a strategy to get Katrina. So, things are badly broken up for some time, and then Salman manages to convince Katrina (although she apparently did not need much convincing), and then convince Lara. In the end, there is a fairly longish scene where Govinda keeps on interrupting Salman's marriage night to get tips, and that is where the movie ends.
Rajpal Yadav plays a nice bit role, Puneet Issar plays an even more bit role as the guy from Haryana who beats up Rajpal twice. Salman and Govinda are nice role players, and even though the whole movie seems unnatural, individually they impress. Katrina does not have to do much except look good, which she does. Overall a nice movie, although some of the humor is way below classy level, what with urinating on the villain, discussions about a transvestite, and a prolonged interruption of the honeymoon scene.

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Anonymous said...

This movie is full of shows the life of a man(Govinda) who strives to get the love of a rich girl. when he cant do it himself...he seeks the help of a love guru (salman khan). When thos love guru is shown as a fraud so does the love of this man. To see what happens watch the move.
its worth it..!!!!